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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mein Salzburg: Klein aber fein

by: NCS

Friend: Have you ever heard about Mozart? 
Me: Yep
Friend: How about Sounds of Music?
Me: mm...yes but not much
Friend: Salzburg?
ME: haeh? what? is it a castle name or what?
Friend: *silent*

Well, it was the first time I heard about Salzburg, namely three years ago when I was still working as an Au Pair in Germany. A friend of mine mentioned this town, hmm..ok city, she said to consider Salzburg as my next destination (continuing my "career" as an Au Pair at that time).

Why? Because the city is really beautiful, surrounded by mountains, and the birthplace of Mozart. But contrary with its popularity, Salzburg for me was simply an unknown city. I was thinking "what? Salzburg? Mozart? I thought he came from Germany (but hold on! At this point I was right! Story from mouth to mouth, Mozart's parents are originally from a city in Bavaria, who moved to Salzburg)", to be honest I just knew Vienna if people mentioned Austria.

I was curious how beautiful Salzburg is, mentioned this city to 100 random people, 101 of them said "Oh Salzburg, its a wonderful city!" "Really? Hmm...". Arrived in Salzburg for the first time, it was 23 January 2013, my first impression was "Akh moe! Es ist ja voi schirkch!" means "hell ugly!" It was grey, windy, and silent. Oh! One more thing! NO TRAM!. It took awhile to prove my self that this city is really beautiful. Yeah, namely 7 months (more and less)! But know I always proudly say "Mei Salzburg is klein aber fein (My Salzburg is small but lovely)" Check out some of my photo collection and some pictures from internet:

View from Mirabel Garden
(source: http://www.bergheim-tourismus.at/en/bergheim-salzburg/salzburg-city.html)
Salzburg in the daytime
 (source; http://www.gmachl.com/en)
Sound of Music Castle a.k.a Leopoldskron Castle
(source: https://theworldunplugged.wordpress.com/about/salzburg-academy/)
Salzburg at night
Senja kala itu di musim gugur
One of bridges in Salzburg

Everyday Salzburg has more than 1000 visitors, numbers that increase or decrease depending on the season. But whenever it is, I will always encounter with the tourists; SLR/Pocket Camera complete with Selfie stick, Map, and Backpack.

My lists of "to visit in Salzburg" are:

1. Mirabel garden, it's about 750m from old town, this garden is really beautiful, the best time to visit in spring to summer (between April to September).

2. Walk up the mountains, Dont be lazy and hoppy! Hoppy! Up to the mountains! Salzburg is surrounded by four mountains. They are not so high that is possible to have a walk. Three mountains that I recommend are Festungsberg (where the Hohensalzburg Castle is) it's about 542m, then Mönschberg (my favorite running area), it's about 540m and connected with Festungsberg, here you can find at least 3 castles and of course the walls, both are in old town side. The other one, Kapuzinerberg is about 600m above sea level, the best spot for Salzburg view.

3. Visit theater or concert, it's really interesting! If you want to visit Salzburg, please check events that will be held during your stay, and try to take a part.

4. Museums: there are a lot of Museums in Salzburg, if you're interested win it, I recommend you to buy Salzburg Card, so you will get discount or even free entry.

5. Hang out, if you like parties or you're kinda of a classy person, just try to find this street Gstättengasse. There are Republic, Halfmoon, Segabar, Budha lounge, Soda Pub, etc. If you prefer to hangout at Pub so I reccomend you to go to Kaigasse. Best time to hangout are on Wednesday nights, Fridays or Saturday night.

6. If you really consider for really good quality of chocolate (or if not Mozartkügel which you can find in every supermarket in Austria), try one in Confesiere Berger at Kaigasse 39 or another small shop at the corner at Getreidegasse.
What else..??

7. For easy-to-find but authentic Salzburg cuisine, try Sternbräu at Griesgasse 23 (otherside of famous Getreidegasse Passage)

My "dont forget to bring" list if you visit Salzburg (Spring and Autumn):

1. Umbrella: rain will come whenever it likes, so make sure that you always have it in your bag.
2. Scarf and gloves: when it gets dark, the temperature will fall down (sometimes) extremely, so make sure you have something to warm up ur neck and hands.
3. Waterproof shoes/boots

One but not least : DONT COME BY CAR!
Salzburg has the worse traffic in Austria. The main street in some spots are narrow and mostly under construction. If you like to waste your time in your car stuck in traffic jam, then go ahead! Beside it's difficult to find parking place. Better use public transportation or rent bike especially when the weather is nice, fresh, and healthy.

Below you can find some infos about Salzburg:
Salzburg Info                         : http://www.visit-salzburg.net/travel/things_not_to_do_in_salzburg.htm

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